What is a skin serum and how to use it?


Published on July 05, 2023, by Astrid

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Constantly evolving, serums have become a staple in many beauty enthusiasts’ routines. Distinguished from other skin care products by their potent formulation, they’re brimming with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and anti-aging compounds. Face serums stand unrivaled in their ability to deliver precision skin solutions tailored to individual concerns. Within this article, we unravel the mechanics behind the remarkable efficacy of face serums, guiding you towards effortless integration within your skincare routine.


How does a face serum work?

A facial serum is a potent formulation brimming with active ingredients, carefully crafted to provide precise and targeted benefits for your skin. Unlike traditional moisturizers, serums are specifically formulated to deeply penetrate the skin. Their minuscule molecules possess the remarkable ability to swiftly traverse the layers of facial skin. This ensures prompt, highly impactful, and visibly noticeable results.

Each type of serum is curated with a diverse array of concentrated active ingredients, each serving a distinct purpose. Frequently encountered active ingredients encompass the remarkable hydrating power of hyaluronic acid. Antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, AHAs, and BHAs are also often used to bolster their potent effectiveness.

Used under a hydrating cream, a face serum plays its full part as a beauty treatment. Its effect is then enhanced by the protective barrier created by the cream’s hydrating properties.

Selecting the ideal serum

Tailored to your skin type, the perfect serum should cater to your skin’s current condition. Below are some examples of common skin concerns and their matching serum solutions.

Dehydration: A good choice would be a hydrating serum featuring hyaluronic acid, a natural ‘sponge’ capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Other ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, provitamin B5, plant oils, and shea butter can also effectively combat dehydration.

Dullness: Opt for an illuminating serum enriched with vitamin C – a potent antioxidant that fights oxidation and bestows radiance. Additional options include AHAs, vitamin B3, licorice extract, vitamin E, fruit extracts, or enzymes. Regular use of serums can contribute to the shedding of dead skin cells, promoting cellular turnover and leaving your face with a revitalized glow.

Aging Skin: Choose ingredients tailored to counteract the visible sings of aging. Some face serums can prevent the emergence of fine lines, reduce established wrinkles, help regain skin elasticity and hydration. 

Sensitive Skin: Prioritize a soothing serum to alleviate redness and discomfort while restoring the skin’s protective barrier. Be cautious of fragrances that may irritate sensitive skin.

Imperfections: Opt for a purifying serum to control shine, get rid of dead skin cells and refine skin texture. Active ingredients like BHA, AHA, vitamin B3, sulfur, tea tree extract, zinc, clay, and licorice extract are often effective choices. Caution is advised, aggressive products might cause to over-dry the skin.

If you have multiple concerns, don't hesitate to opt for a multi-purpose serum to avoid multiplying formulas. The Serum by Beau Domaine, for example, combats dehydration and restores radiance to the skin, while helping to slow the visible signs of aging. 

With serums catering to an array of skin concerns, they can be seen as the changing element that helps customize a skin care routine.

Integrating a serum into your beauty routine

A serum serves as a counterpart to your moisturizer, enhancing its abilities. Here’s how to seamlessly integrate a serum into your beauty routine:

Cleansing and Toning: Prior to serum application, ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed to eliminate impurities. Follow up with a toner or essence to prime your skin for absorbing the serum’s active ingredients.

Application: Due to the concentrated nature of serums, a few drops are sufficient to cover the entire face. Apply two drops of serum onto your fingertips, gently massage it onto your face and neck. Employ gentle upward motions to facilitate absorption and conclude with tapping motions to stimulate microcirculation and optimize product absorption.

Hydration: Once the serum is absorbed, seal in its benefits with a moisturizer suited to your skin type.

Protection: Safeguard your skin from the sun’s rays by applying a suitable sunscreen.

Frequency: Apply the serum once or twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening, for optimal outcomes. Consider alternating serums in the morning and evening to cater to your skin’s specific needs. Just like your beauty routine, consistency in applying the serum is paramount for visible results.

Beyond a mere cosmetic product, a skin serum stands as a valuable asset to personalize your skincare routine. With its potent active ingredients and ability to penetrate the skin layers, a serum delivers targeted care to address your skin’s unique requirements at any given moment. Whether slowing down signs of aging, like lines or wrinkles, deeply hydrating your skin, or reviving your complexion’s radiance, a serum can become your trusted ally, ensuring visible and enduring results.


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